Movie Choice 

For the first time in years, N and I have a chance to go to the movies. What should we see, Wonder Woman or Beatriz is at Dinner

I’d like to see All Eyez on Me about Tupac but the times don’t work for us at all. 


16 thoughts on “Movie Choice ”

  1. Well, one is a comedy ond the other is an action movie, so it all depends on what you prefer, or feel like at the moment 😛
    Both films have received good reviews, so you shouldn’t walk away disappointed, at least (in theory).


  2. I thought ‘Wonder Woman’ was enjoyable. I wouldn’t say that it’s brilliant, but it has some interesting moments and it’s definitely better than the average summer super-hero movie. I also appreciated the fact that it spent some time on the horrors of World War I including the use of chemical warfare, topics that people in the US often don’t know that much about. (Not that I’m advocating movies as a source for historical knowledge, but it could arouse some additional interest in that era.)


  3. I’d say go see Wonder Woman. Of the two, Wonder Woman is the one that should be seen on the big screen — all the effects have been optimized for movie-theater viewing. I find that most dramas and comedies don’t gain much from the big screen and you can enjoy them just as much on a home screen.


    1. I enjoyed Wonder Woman. I saw it in 3D which I strongly recommend. For me, there was a strange bit of anachronism. Wonder Woman, the character, first appeared around the 1940’s, with the backdrop of World War II. Transposing her to three decades earlier seemed wrong to me at first, but I suspended my preconceived ideas. I recommend it.

      I have not seen Beatriz is at Dinner.


  4. I have just this minute got home from watching Wonder Woman, and thought it well worth watching… but then I enjoy that kind of thing anyway, didn’t think it was so much your thing from previous posts? Not too sure about the other one. But the comment above is probably worth bearing in mind. Very much a big screen movie and worth it for that.

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  5. You do realize that if you buy tickets to Wonder Woman, you’re contributing to Zionist imperialism and adding to the oppression in the Middle East, right?

    Go ahead if you have no conscience.


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