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I put up one of these kids’ tents with a tunnel attached to it for Klara. She loves playing in it. But when I got into the tunnel to play with her, God, I enjoyed being in it so much that it’s weird. Just being in this tiny, boxed in space was beyond pleasant. I didn’t want to come out. 

And yes, obviously, the tunnel is symbolic of the birth canal. 

I’m weird. 


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9 thoughts on “Tunnel

  1. No weirder than every cat I’ve ever owned:)


  2. Fie upon this quiet life on said:

    My kids make forts out of the couch cushions. It’s fun to be inside with them. I don’t know if it’s just spending time with them or if it’s the structure itself. But it’s fun!

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  3. Crystallizing chaos on said:

    Why is that weird? Pillow forts are a staple of children’s play. And ‘Community’ even did a whole episode on that with grown up. 🙂


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