A Staring Game

A colleague from Media Studies is trying to talk to a future student. 

“So what do you say, CNN or BBC?”

The student just stares. 

“You like Fox News, maybe?” 

The student stares. 

“Newspapers? Washington Post? WSJ?”

The student stares. 

“What kind of things do you like to read about?” the professor perseveres. “Local news or international?”

The student stares. 

“Is there a journalist you like?”

Suddenly, the student beams. 

“Rush!” he says. “I’m going to get a journalism degree and be like Rush.”

The professor just stares. 

“I like radio. Do you offer degrees in radio journalism?”

The professor stares.


7 thoughts on “A Staring Game”

  1. People still listen to Rush? Rush didn’t have a college degree so I don’t know why this student is in college. He did have an opoid addiction that may have caused his profound hearing loss.


  2. I’ve heard that a huge chunk of the journalism students at my university wind up going into sports reporting. I used to think that was unfortunate, but perhaps it really isn’t so bad after all.


    1. One of my best friends is an award-winning sports journalist, and I know few people who are as sharp, professional or principled as he is.

      You may think that there is not that much space for actual investigative work in the field, but these many sports teams are basically subsidiaries for larger corporations and there’s significant pressure for individual games to be won or lost as corporate deals dictate.

      I find sports fairly frivolous personally, but the spirit of honest competition and striving to do the best that you can is worth preserving. Especially when the alternative is base servility.


  3. My tip for this fucktard.

    If your family has nothing to do with politics, there’s nothing to do with you.

    If your family has something to do with politics:

    1) Don’t go in Journalism.

    2) Do student radio.

    3) Be friend with as much Trumptards as possible.

    4) Drop out during the second year.

    5) Cash.

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