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So why is there all this tokenism in Wonder Woman? It’s not like the target audience is the SJW crowd. The main character is a dumb infantilized airhead (just like the actress.) Remember that really scary part in the end where she mechanically parrots the meaningless lines the American fellow told her? 

So if it’s not for the SJW crowd, then why is it there? 


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8 thoughts on “Tokenism

  1. To not be criticized by SJWtards?


    • Possibly. But it’s a hopeless task because I read a piece where one of these folks laments that the whole cast isn’t ‘people of color.’ Of course, the lamenter is lily-white, just like her virtue.


  2. I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but… tokens have always been a part of superhero comics (and related media).

    The Spirit (best superhero comic of the 1940s) had Ebony White

    Green Lantern in the 1960s had Pieface

    The mid 1970s cartoon the Super Friends was made up of a couple of established comics figures and a bunch of invented-for-the-cartoon tokens… like Black Vulcan, Apache Chief….

    There was probably also some idea about avoiding SJW criticism but that doesn’t work because there is no possible way of avoiding SJW criticism.


    • The way it’s shown is that Wonder Woman does come from a magical world but the United Colors of Benetton team running around the WWI scenery is part of the human world. If the gang were magical figures, I wouldn’t have a problem.

      It’s like watching a film about the US Civil war and having a bunch of Ukrainians in sharovary make an appearance.


  3. Dreidel on said:

    “>The main character is a dumb infantilized airhead (just like the actress.)”

    How is the actress Gal Gadot, an Israeli patriot who has served her country admirably in its armed forces, and who has verbally defended her nation’s right to defend itself against Palestinian butchers dedicated to its destruction, in ANY sense “a dumb, infantilized airhead”??


    • Do you know what the actress was paid for the movie that already grossed 600 million? $300,000! That’s pathetic. I read her interview about this and she’s all “I don’t mind, I’m just grateful for the opportunity.” Pathetic.


  4. Jennifer S on said:

    The Indian character mentioned earlier is actually supposed to be an Indian demi god according to the actor. It is supposed to be part of the world-building of the comic book universe Wonder Woman is part of.


  5. John on said:

    I think it’s not just to avoid criticism, but to get free promotion


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