Mini-link Encyclopedia 

A few good, long pieces. 

great article on feminism

nostalgic piece on diners

How the left lost its mind. It’s not just the left, though. It’s everybody. 

And yes, dumb Jews do exist. Unbelievable but true. Here is one. 

10 thoughts on “Mini-link Encyclopedia ”

  1. Literally everyone mentioned in that article is a centrist, or right-of-center liberal, neoliberal, or someone from the right (Mensch).

    But yeah, let’s have discussions about how the left has lost its mind. This horseshoe theory where the extreme right is equated with the ‘extreme’ left (that has zero power, but never mind that little detail) is just stupid.


    1. Alt-Right: “Kill all muslims! We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. 14 88 for life!”
      Left: “Medicare and free college for all!”
      Smart Liberal: “I’m just so tired of the extremism from both sides”


    2. It has no power where? I’m an a profession where careers are being destroyed by these powerless fanatics. I recommend Alice Dreger’s book Galileo’s Finger for examples.

      These people are right now not powerful politically, it’s true. But do we really want them to be given how they tend to act when given the tiniest of slivers of power over somebody?


    3. I see real liberals/left people/whatever you wanna call ’em talking about and disseminating these dumb conspiracies (and others) though. Some of them are people you’d consider left, some are what you’d dismiss as “right of center liberals,” but none of them are on the right.

      It’s not as strong as the conspiracy theorizing on the right, but they’ve been frothing at the mouth for 8 years, while Trump has only been President for 6 months. Give us time.

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  2. Услышала что сегодня “В Санкт-Петербурге на 99-м году жизни скончался писатель Даниил Гранин. ”

    Не читала его романов или рассказов, но понравилась книга «Всё было не совсем так» (размышления, написанные в виде кратких заметок, собранных на протяжении всей жизни, описывающих его детство, родных, друзей, главные события послевоенных лет и современную действительность)

    Вы его читали? Что самое лучшее?


  3. I read Mark Manson’s WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH MEN? too and recommend it:

    I was surprised Pablo Escobar hadn’t been killed before, considering what he had done. Couldn’t America help and assasinate him somehow, with or without another country’s agreement?

    I don’t like that Roberto Escobar being free either. People who did much less are in jail or even executed.


    1. God, what a dumb article.

      As for Escobar, he is adored in Colombia. What would the US gain by removing him other than getting even more resentment from Colombians? A new drug lord would rise up instead. And then more and more.

      I know somebody in Colombia who knew the Escobar family. The country was so dangerous that she had to emigrate. But does she detest him? Not at all. Bevause he did a lot for the poor.


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