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Grow Up

So Trump offers a handshake to a woman instead of relegating her to the female ghetto of less significant characters, and this means he was humiliated? People are so deranged.  Maybe by mistake but he bypassed protocol and tried to treat a woman as a human being. That’s not a bad thing. 


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12 thoughts on “Grow Up

  1. Dreidel on said:

    The article isn’t even honest. The Polish first lady DID shake hands with Trump, and the handshake has been edited out of the posted video.

    Trump has no idea how lucky he is that his political enemies keep showing even less class than he does! Believe it or not, these are REAL political stickers (not gag ones) being proposed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is the official organization dedicated to electing Democratic congressmen in 2018.


  2. Stringer bell on said:


  3. Just saw the edited video and it looked like the Polish first lady wanted to shake Melania’s hand first.
    It’s very common in Poland (for both men and women) to purposefully greet women first in mixed groups. It’s not a hard and fast rule but that’s what it looked like here.
    And the article is just more infantilization, it’s like listening to jr high school gossip. Americans, show some adult dignity! It’s not that hard.


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