We Won

Folks, I’m sorry for the flurry of posts but a lot is happening. 

Today, Illinois Democrats broke down the two-year-long stalemate and forced a budget down Rauner’s wrinkly throat. 

What I love about the whole thing is that there was no spinelessness, no whining, no dithering on the part of the state Democrats. They were principled, strong, and finally – FINALLY! – smart and strategic. That’s the Democrats I want to see and support. 

I know everybody is tired of my budget posts but believe me, I’m even more done with them than you are. I’m happy that we won.


7 thoughts on “We Won”

  1. YES! Congratulations! Hopefully we’ll both be celebrating together in 2018 when we elect Democratic governors. Who do you like who’s running for Illinois governor?


      1. There’s a Kennedy running in Illinois. I know you just love political dynasties, be sure to get out there and support him! 😁


    1. Rauner used every trick and the book but still lost. He was repeating that the state income tax would be raised by 35%, the horror! Forgetting to mention that the actual rate would go from 3.75% to 4.95%, which is only noticeable on the returns of millionaires like himself. Nasty fucker.


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