Unsupportive Comments 

Apparently, sexual harassment these days consists of making “unsupportive comments” aboyt one’s work (see penultimate post). I’m waiting to see when the word “uncaring” makes it into the definition. 

I detest, simply detest how these days “sexual harassment” has come to be used whenever one is unhappy about anything whatsoever. “My coffee is too cold. I’m sexually harassed! The weather sucks. That’s major sexual harassment! And you are the perpetrator because you weren’t compassionate enough about my coffee troubles and didn’t validate my feelings about weather.”


5 thoughts on “Unsupportive Comments ”

  1. “sexual harassment these days consists of making “unsupportive comments” aboyt one’s work”

    Two points.

    One: This isn’t much different from your students complaining when you give them an A but you don’t praise them enough – academics in a time of millenials are gonna millenial just like their students (absent watching oneself like a hawk to avoid it).

    Two: People use the tools available to them, making sexual harassment a legitimate complaint (which it totally should be when applicable) then there will be some number of people who use that because it’s all they have….


  2. I have just seen a new definition of racism too:

    \ Miss South Africa has been forced to fend off allegations of racism after she was photographed wearing gloves to meet orphans with HIV.

    Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters met children at soup kitchen in Johannesburg, handing out meals at what was intended to be a feel-good charity event.

    The 22-year-old, who is mixed-race, said she wore disposable gloves for hygiene reasons as she was dishing out food at Ikageng community centre.



  3. I hate these so-called sexual harassment accusers with a passion!

    Sexual harassment is still a serious problem in certain areas. I don’t know if you have been following the debacle in tech these days, but a number of Silicon Valley women small business founders have come forward and accused certain well-known VCs. Apparently these VCs wanted to fund their apps in exchange for sleeping with them, or started making sexual advances on them as soon as their apps were funded!

    Much like the “25% campus rape”, it cheapens the entire dialogue around the issue when someone like the person in your last post is put in the same bin as these women with actual sexual harassment problems.

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  4. A lot of people say sexual harassment when they mean gender discrimination, I have noticed. And part of it is that there are rules against the former and not the latter.


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