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A Rich Boy Feels Your Pain

This is why I despise Rolling Stone. They are now fellating Trudeau in the most ridiculous of manners:

Despite these contradictions, the prime minister is a progressive, rational, forward-thinking leader. Yes, he was -manor-born, but he actually feels his citizens’ pain because he’s had his own unthinkable personal tragedies.

Of course, personal tragedies are a little easier to bear when you have a shitload of money and aren’t averse to dipping into public funds to finance your lavish lifestyle of an entitled brat.


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14 thoughts on “A Rich Boy Feels Your Pain

  1. They don’t know his father to vomit some inanities like that.


  2. Noah Richler is a son of Mordecai Richler, a good novel writer but a racist freak.


  3. Shakti on said:

    Before even reading the article, I instantly knew the “Rich Boy” is Justin Trudeau.
    That story is practically a Teen Beat article.
    “Justin Trudeau: Why Can’t He Be Our President?”
    Come on, this is way too thirsty. Especially with the planking, running and boxing pictures.


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