A Rich Boy Feels Your Pain

This is why I despise Rolling Stone. They are now fellating Trudeau in the most ridiculous of manners:

Despite these contradictions, the prime minister is a progressive, rational, forward-thinking leader. Yes, he was -manor-born, but he actually feels his citizens’ pain because he’s had his own unthinkable personal tragedies.

Of course, personal tragedies are a little easier to bear when you have a shitload of money and aren’t averse to dipping into public funds to finance your lavish lifestyle of an entitled brat.


14 thoughts on “A Rich Boy Feels Your Pain”

  1. Before even reading the article, I instantly knew the “Rich Boy” is Justin Trudeau.
    That story is practically a Teen Beat article.
    “Justin Trudeau: Why Can’t He Be Our President?”
    Come on, this is way too thirsty. Especially with the planking, running and boxing pictures.


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