Dirty Jouissance

I’m hiding from the news, switching the channel over to anodyne Law & Order and Shark Tank reruns, unsubscribing from newspapers, forgetting the talk radio because I’m afraid I will also start enjoying the spectacle. I plugged back in during the Scaramucci debacle and you know what? I enjoyed it. It was fun. And I hated seeing myself enjoy it. It’s degrading. As entertaining and energizing it is, it’s not worth selling my soul to the orange monkey. 

It’s so, so easy to get seduced by the monkey. Let it colonize your brain, your attention span, your concept of what constitutes politics or news or public life. But any engagement with the troll is feeding the troll. The troll feeds on attention, be it positive or negative. I don’t want to be troll’s dinner. 


3 thoughts on “Dirty Jouissance”

  1. I feel the same way. My husband and I had a good laugh at the Boy Scout debacle, but there is something seriously disturbing about discussing national politics as if it’s celebrity gossip.


    1. It’s just that it’s so much fun. The Mooch thing was seriously hilarious. And it scares me how much I enjoyed it and secretly wished the fellow weren’t fired.


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