Push Back

We are the last generations that remember non-liquid life and we need to push back against the children of fluidity

Which is what I’m obsessively doing in my work. 


6 thoughts on “Push Back”

  1. I read this article earlier and posted it on my FB page. I think that the most important thing we have to offer as GenExers is preserving analogue functions in case of hacking, internet failure, etc. and passing down practical “how-to” info for those who live in a completely digital world and have no idea how to live without the internet. Maybe I read too much dystopic fiction, but I worry that if the internet went down one day that we’d have no idea how to function.


  2. So am I the only one that thinks that article is pompous and so cliche driven and over generalizing that it doesn’t say anything?


    1. Oh, it’s ridiculous, of course. Look at the source. What else can it be? But it still touches upon an important truth. Liquid capital is sweeping away many valuable things. And we can try to preserve them.

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      1. It’s not unreasonable to observe that dramatic changes in technology have an impact on how people act and relate to themselves and others. There is actually an interesting body of scholarship dedicated to these changes.

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