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Push Back

We are the last generations that remember non-liquid life and we need to push back against the children of fluidity

Which is what I’m obsessively doing in my work. 


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6 thoughts on “Push Back

  1. Fie upon this quiet life on said:

    I read this article earlier and posted it on my FB page. I think that the most important thing we have to offer as GenExers is preserving analogue functions in case of hacking, internet failure, etc. and passing down practical “how-to” info for those who live in a completely digital world and have no idea how to live without the internet. Maybe I read too much dystopic fiction, but I worry that if the internet went down one day that we’d have no idea how to function.


  2. So am I the only one that thinks that article is pompous and so cliche driven and over generalizing that it doesn’t say anything?


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