Language Learning and iPad

Language teachers at local schools are entering into a competition to win iPads for their classrooms and publishing desperate pleas to support their entries on Facebook. 

I don’t get this at all. I’ve been teaching languages literally for decades and I can’t even begin to imagine how an iPad can help in this process. 

I’d rather kids weren’t introduced to anything that is run on apps. Apps make people dumb. If you are desperate for technology in the classroom, go with a computer. Although, I fail to see how even a computer could be useful in language learning.


17 thoughts on “Language Learning and iPad”

    1. Pronunciation is best addressed by singing all together in the target language. And it’s so much more fun than staring at a screen, isolated from the world.

      Language is a tool of communication. You can’t skip communication when learning language.


        1. I’ve seen about a million language learning software programs and not a single one was of any use whatsoever. Universities waste tons of money on these systems when it would be of a far, far greater use to spend the money on hiring teachers and cut the number of students in each group.


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