I had a huge fit of rage this morning. For the third time, I go to the office to print out my syllabi and I don’t manage to do it. First, the Dropbox didn’t work, then I couldn’t access the system, then the files were not the right ones. I can’t stand feeling incompetent and bumbling. And yes, I know why, I know all about the psychological roots of the rage but it doesn’t make the rage any less pleasant.

God, did I swear or what. I didn’t even know I had all this vocabulary in my head. I swear in Russian because English swearing is non-existent and Spanish swearing is just funny. 

Rage makes me feel very disoriented and confused. And it’s over nothing. I still have a ton of time to print out the syllabi. Nothing, literally nothing makes me more enraged than something interfering with my plans.

Of course, I’m now at the bookstore because that’s my calming strategy. 


2 thoughts on “Rage”

  1. Funny that you mention the swearing in multiple languages. I also find it difficult to swear in English, it is too bland. As Spanish, I swear in Spanish, last time driving with a colleague that could only understand one word…thankfully!

    Why do you find swearing in Spanish funny?


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