What Is Your Secret Fear? A Quiz

What are you secretly afraid of? What is hiding in the dark room of your psyche?

Look at the pictures and choose the one that rankles the most, the one that provokes an emotional response. And then look under the fold for a response.








  1. You often feel like you are not good enough, especially compared to others. Impostor syndrome is something you experience a lot.

2. Others see you as strong and tough but you are hiding great sensitivity and vulnerability under the tough exterior.

3. You have a hard time saying no because you are afraid of rejection and judgment. You often feel lonely and misunderstood.

4. You suffer from anxiety and you fear change. You get very attached to routines, places, things and people.

5. You feel like you are carrying too many responsibilities on your shoulders. You often feel exhausted and lacking in energy even when you haven’t been doing much.

6. You are afraid of making a mistake. You are still holding on to an illusion that one can be perfect and invincible.

7. You understand yourself very well but this insight comes at a cost. People sometimes find you and the powers of your intellect intimidating.

[I’m completely indifferent to all pictures except one that disturbs me a lot. And it’s the perfect answer about a problem I experience a lot. I even made a hilarious Freudian mistake when transcribing the response to it.]

10 thoughts on “What Is Your Secret Fear? A Quiz”

  1. #3 freaks me out like crazy, but I think it’s more to do with the fact it’s set in an uninhibited crowd rather than relating to the dude with the flailing chick on his shoulders. I’m feeling pretty comfortable with saying no to whatever all that nonsense is, from a great distance.

    What struck me more is that I find #4 extremely relaxing. Guy doesn’t look desperate or in fear, just intensely concentrated, so I just assume he’s perfectly in control of whatever’s happening. Plus, it’s winter, which has the best air of all the seasons, which you can enjoy even more when physically exerting yourself.


    1. Yep, 4 looks fun as hell. I’ve started rockclimbing this year and while dude is taking some risks I wouldn’t, that ledge traversal would be quite enjoyable. I wonder what it means for the test if the strongest emotional reaction to an image is a positive one.

      As for negative reactions, I have a very mild one to 3. Guess I’m far better at saying no these days



  2. I suppose, if the reaction to all of them is “yawn”, the analyst would assume one is dead? Actually, I didn’t get the point of the kitten in the box. All of the interpretations seem really convoluted. Heck, I don’t like heights, and my only reaction to #4 was that I’d never be in that position. And who hasn’t had a #6 moment? What’s shown is better than using an old pressure cooker and scraping the sauce off the ceiling.


  3. The kitten has an eye infection that needs treatment, so its owner hasn’t taken proper care of it.

    As for all the other pictures — I agree, pure blah.


    1. …although I do wonder how big the bird was in picture #1, and how the guy in picture #7 is white on the right side of his face and black on the left side.


  4. I’m sufficiently paranoid that I have no intention of revealing my secret fear to anybody for fear that it could be used against me… er…

    Oh damn..!


  5. Looks like for once we all reached the same conclusion about this specific post of yours, Clarissa.

    Absolutely and totally blah — yet instead of being totally ignored (as some of your similar posts are), it managed to get at least six comments — three of them from me, proving what a totally boring Friday night/ Saturday morning I’m having when for some reason I just can’t get to sleep.Goodnight!


  6. None of them are super intense to me, probably the most would be 5 and 7 in that order.

    I’m gonna take a wild guess at yours, judging from your post about trying to print the syllabi, maybe…… 6 ?

    And are you completely sure that 4 and 5 are correctly labeled?


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