A Great Link on the Opioid Epidemic

A really, really good interview on the opioid epidemic with Dr. Gabor Maté, a specialist from Vancouver who knows what he’s talking about. This is extremely refreshing because people tend to say a lot of silly stuff about substance abuse. 

Smoking, drug addiction, alcoholism – these are a result of early childhood trauma. You need to look at the parents and the early parenting environment of addicts to figure out what’s happening. When an addict picks up a pill, a bottle, a cigarette or a syringe, he’s not making a lifestyle choice. He’s putting a bandaid on a bleeding wound. It hurts more not to do it than to do it. Trying to convince people not to be in extreme pain by using logical arguments is insane behavior. 


4 thoughts on “A Great Link on the Opioid Epidemic”

  1. I don’t have time to read now, but if addiction is created by bad parenting, I find it very suspicious that this behavior only appeared now. Have American parents become worse to create the epidemic? You described the feeling of hopelessness in some economically horrible places in US, yet go for purely private psychological explanations. Isn’t it a part of neoliberalism you often criticize?


    1. It’s all explained in the link. Hopeless economic situation can create great stress for parents, especially if they are already traumatized. The stressed parents can’t connect to kids and pay them a lot of attention. Families break down because there’s nothing to keep them together, etc.

      A human psyche doesn’t exist in isolation. Jung talked about different levels of trauma: familial, regional, national, historic.


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