From an article in the NYTimes:

I spoke to an Asian television-­news producer who had also made the trip from New York. ‘‘I’m just imagining what my parents would think about all this,’’ she said. We had one of those talks common among people of any marginalized group, in which it’s possible to unload your neuroses without having to explain everything.

Question: how do people know they belong to a “marginalized group”? I’m asking for purely practical reasons. Do I belong to a marginalized group? I’d love to feel all brave and resilient in the face of marginalization.

More importantly, who doesn’t belong to a marginalized group? The same old “white, able-bodied, heterosexual, yadda yadda yadda men”? But what if they feel marginalized? Isn’t the truth whatever you feel it is? Or is that only true for those who already claimed the stakes of being marginalized? 


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