What’s the point of bringing a cloth tote to the grocery store if the packer will double bag every object in the store in plastic bags while the cashier distracts me?

I hate plastic bags. I think they should be outlawed, like in Florida.


15 thoughts on “Plastic”

  1. Wegmans sell cloth totes which we use there and at the farmers market. They’re perfectly fine for produce. Most stores in our area don’t have baggers, and we generally ask to bag our own stuff anyway.


  2. In England and I think other parts of the UK (which probably did so before us) we have to pay a minimum a 5p per bag charge for plastic bags in larger stores.

    Could you not just ask the packer not to do it in advance?


  3. Being too lazy to shop, I order my groceries off the Internet, and a local supermarket delivers them in a multitude of plastic bags. I LIKE the plastic bags, because they don’t leak if the contents are moist or “sweat” (such as wrapped fresh meat and chicken), or if a bottled item has a loose cap.

    Also, I save the bags and find them useful for various purposes (such as emptying soiled cat liter and other moist trash into before putting it in my “bagged” trash container; using the bags as a glove when adding swimming pool chlorine tablets that I don’t want to touch directly, etc.; and spreading over my kitchen counter as a waterproof surface when I’m cutting fresh meat.)

    And no, my conscience isn’t killing me for using them. I don’t think my putting those bags to practical use is going to bring the coming apocalyptic climate change doomsday one second closer. 🙂


      1. ” Did I say Florida??? I meant California”

        Okay the world makes sense again, if anything I would expect a law in florida requiring people to stuff plastic bags down sea turtles throats and into dophin blow holes…


  4. I disagree.
    Those plastic bags make ideal trash-can liners for the small trash containers in the bathroom (or bedroom).
    …provided there are no holes in the sides or bottom of said bag.


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