Summer: Conclusion

The best thing about summer is that it ends. I like summer but I’m also loving the idea of going back to work. Especially since it’s only 2 days a week that I have to be on campus. I was so psyched about the beginning of the academic year yesterday that I freaked out N.

I’ve done most of what I planned for the summer except:

1. Didn’t write the MLA talk and didn’t even start thinking in that direction.

2. Didn’t finish the major house cleaning and reorganizing project. I’ve done the bedroom and the reading room but that’s it. There’s a lot left to do. 

On the positive side, I met all the submission deadlines even ahead of time. So that’s good. Came up with the topic of the new book. (Which of course is going to change a million times in the process of work).

Today is my housework day and tomorrow it’s back to work. Yippee!


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