Dumb Poseur

Zuckerberg is such a cheap, boring poseur with his “I’m taking 2 months paternity leave.” He could easily take two years or two decades of a leave and still drown in riches. Are we supposed to be touched by this dumb posturing or something?

What a stupid tool he is. 

7 thoughts on “Dumb Poseur”

  1. So will he actually stay at home for two months, totally ignore his company/ies which are worth billions and change diapers? I don’t believe a word of it. He has staff! He doesn’t understand ‘paternity leave’ for real people.


  2. Eh. It doesn’t matter except that Zuckerberg supposedly gives sends a signal to his employees to actually use their paid paternity leave since he’s using it. It’s an unwritten rule that you mirror your boss. If you have unlimited vacation offered but your boss never takes a day off, then you don’t get to either if you want to be promoted or get a raise or keep your job. Of course in practice, I’m sure it’s “reduced” which means not working a million hours a week but something like 40.

    Paid leave is not mandated in the US at all, and FMLA, which is unpaid is only available to workers who meet certain requirements at a workplace that has at least 50 people at that location.

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    1. Are the employees he’s signaling to janitors and cafeteria workers? Because I don’t think anybody with a lesser degree of dependence would be very preoccupied with Zuckerberg’s family arrangement. Of course, judging from the cheap, inconvenient FB interface, it does look like Zuckerberg hired the programmers nobody else wanted. Maybe it’s his charitable action.


      1. Oh Clarissa, if it’s free, then you are not the consumer of the product, you are the product. He’s signalling to his employees who are programmers and VPs and such (who knows how many subcontractors or permanent temps he’s hiring).

        A search for “facebook employee contractor” turns up these recent stories:
        In costly Silicon Valley, Facebook employee lives in car

        Facebook cafeteria workers living in garage with 3 kids: What it says about Silicon Valley living


        1. The sad truth of the matter is that “I can’t take the paternity leave because the boss will get angry, I’m so sorry I can’t be there for you and the baby, honey” is an excuse. Snoozing in a cubicle is a lot easier than tending to a newborn.


          1. Paid leave for birth of children in the US is an elite privilege. Having enough savings not to go immediately back to work is also something only a few people can do in the US. And the cubicle snoozing is less…repetitive and messy?


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