Easy to Be Sexist

If a fellow wants to publish a sexist rant, it’s super easy these days. He just needs to add the word “white” before the word “women” and every gushy progressive will eagerly republish and praise his woman-hating excretion.

18 thoughts on “Easy to Be Sexist”

  1. A “feminist” group that I follow on Facebook was complaining that the coverage of the Charlottesville didn’t spend enough time showing how all of the men pictured at the protest were “supported” by the white women in their lives.


    1. They are not looking, I guess. Only yesterday I saw 2 such articles. And I’m not searching for them and spend very little time looking at the news these days. This boring point has been made and made and made more times than there were actual women there.


    2. The political way around such things, in my view, is to concretely ask for specific actions. Actions, after all, are how we gauge support (or lack thereof).

      Something like, “Call your senator/congressperson/state rep on XYZ to do ABCD.” You feel bad about something? Do this!

      I don’t have the emotional energy to harangue anyone nor to babysit anyone’s tender feelings or sensibilities. This election has done nothing for my already sky high misanthropy on top of my introversion. I think it’s much more physically dangerous for me to go door to door or do Election Protection now or in 2020 than it was in 2012, or 2008 or 2010 (someone pulled a gun in my face, fun!).


  2. For fun, change ‘white women’ to ‘girls with cooties’ and ‘whiteness’ into ‘cootieness’.

    “The abundance of girls with cooties in schools does not erase sexism or misogyny in schools. That said, sexism also doesn’t erase the reality that most people working in schools are girls with cooties. Both things are true. …. maybe we should address what it means for schools and students that there are so many girls with cooties there…
    There is a culture of girls with cooties in schools, a dominant culture that is invisible”

    I’m assuming “Mr. Rad” is meant ironically (a reference to the TV show community). But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s meant seriously.


    1. It’s genius, really. It has become unacceptable to say “girls have cooties” in professional settings, so he found an easy way around that limitation. Smart!


  3. This is a truly contemptible piece of writing, simultaneously full of self-loathing and smug self-satisfaction about how he’s so much better than those White Women. And it would be seen as sooooooooo progressive by many academics.

    I can’t wait until the current wave of political correctness passes.


    1. I’m sure he is tired of teaching and wants to get into administration. And this is the best and the easiest way. Very little work to do and the pay is better.


    1. “And I really don’t want to minimize all the extra work that White men need to do, because we are really the freaking worst most of the time”

      This nerdy fellow finally can feel like “the freaking worst” badass! The pleasure must be addictive. Not surprising that he wants to scream it from the rooftops.

      Poor dumb bastard.


  4. Ugh, I just read the article. I don’t get his problem with professional training about handling conflict in a calm, unemotional manner. I thought that was just a standard professional norm. Now I realize that non-racist people deal with issues at work by shouting angrily at everyone, and only fragile racist(?) white women think it’s a bad way to communicate. 😐

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    1. ” I realize that non-racist people deal with issues at work by shouting angrily at everyone”


      Yes, that’s a much better way of dealing with issues in a professional environment….


      1. “he was desperate for examples of why “white women” are bad for the profession”

        I noticed a singular lack of real content besides that one point: they’re too frickin’ polite!


        1. Because they are “white.” You don’t need any more reasons. That’s their cardinal sin. They can’t do enough to atone for it because every second they are alive they commit it anew.


          1. By the way, I found this link at one of the most popular teaching websites where it was linked with awed approval. Because, clearly, the teaching profession faces no challenges graver than “white women.”


            1. I know — this sort of stuff makes me so angry! My twitter feed today is full of idiots gravely endorsing an article about how university professors should take care not to mispronounce students’ names because apparently that denies the student’s identity. Because this is the most pressing concern with higher ed today — all other problems have been solved.


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