Student Types

Out of these beautifully observed student types, I passionately detested pastel when I was a student. People with anal issues really annoy me. I mean, why can’t they have some serious issues instead, like the eminently respectable oral ones?

As for the type I was, covfefe is the closest. 


10 thoughts on “Student Types”

  1. Interesting. I am a chilly child as a student and want to be as faculty, but am very environment sensitive and respond to bad environments by becoming an odd mixture of second two, with a tiny touch of the first.


  2. Hmm…I was idgaf & chilly child with a touch of netflix and procastinate (except I pulled a grand total of two all nighters in my life and my netflix was either random library books or wikipedia) Environments matter too much to me.

    I feel I would’ve done better if I were pastel, but I suspect I don’t have it in me. People seem to want me to be pastel for them, but it doesn’t work.
    “Can I have your ___ notes?”
    “My notes are random words and unrelated portraits so they might not help you much.”


  3. When I was in high school, most people probably thought I was covfefe, but really I was mostly chilly child with a bit of idgaf who just happened to be good at school. At uni, where suddenly everyone was good at school and school became much harder, I was a much more of a mixture of chilly child and netflix&procratinate… which led me to not doing terribly well there. The first year of grad school when I was bitter, I let my complaint department flare up too much. I wish I could return to chilly child, but as a career academic, I am now mostly covfefe and netflix&procrastinate.


  4. I was netflix and procrastinate 😦 Is this an anal type or an oral type?

    Fortunately not anymore but it’s been a constant struggle.

    Didn’t really hate any of the other types.


    1. It’s neither. This is oedipal stage trauma. The good news is that it’s easier to correct than the other two because it happens later, when people are old enough to form memories.


        1. An intense emotional life around deadlines that a person organizes through procrastination and then all nighters points to a conflictive relationship with the symbolic father. Which isn’t the same as one’s actual father. It’s a conflict between enjoyment and obligation where one is torn between the symbolic maternal value of floating through nourishing, vegetative pleasure and the the social obligations imposed by society (symbolic father.)

          The triad here is formed by me, pleasure and obligation and the other two are fighting over me. And I’m fighting with each of them in turn over the other.


          1. Ah – feeling guilt when having fun that you’re not being productive enough and feeling guilt when at work that you don’t have a ‘life’.


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