Purdue Gone Nuts

My husband’s alma mater has gone utterly bonkers, in the meanwhile. See how they propose to “fund students’ education.” Pay attention, especially, to the cloying, idiotic language of these administrators. And these illiterate, greedy, ridiculous dumbasses are running (or, rather, ruining) one of the country’s leading schools. 


5 thoughts on “Purdue Gone Nuts”

  1. And what happens if the student is unable to pay? Are they going to go after that student like any other loan provider? The example they gave said something about a STEM student paying smaller amounts in smaller time, while an art history major would pay a larger amount in a longer time. That doesn’t add up, as at the same college a STEM and fine arts or humanities degree cost the same, but have different employment rates–it doesn’t make sense to charge the fine arts or humanities student more (unless they meant they’d have longer to pay it off? That part was confusing). And anyone could be successful, but they also might end up just barely breaking even. If a student breaks even without having to pay that extra amount, that’s money going to Perdue at the cost of food, or bus fare, or rent for that student. Let alone the possibility of extra costs such as childcare, illness, or emergency situations.

    If they’re giving money to students, it should be in the form of scholarships or grants. Much better for the students, who are more likely to give back if the college gave them something without strings.


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