Age and Wisdom

Age brings wisdom. I figured out at once that before Klara’s music lessons on Saturday mornings, I need to take her out for 2 hours of intense physical activity. Then, she’ll be tired enough to sit and listen to the teacher’s instructions instead of trying to topple the potted plants, tear posters off the walls, and catch fishes in the fish-tank. 

The downside is that after 2 hours of intense physical activity with a toddler I’m wiped out and all I’m good for is to sit at the music lesson with a dumb grin, a dribble of saliva, and glazed over eyes. The teacher stares because I can’t follow the simplest instructions. I suspect she tells people that this school hires total imbeciles as professors.


4 thoughts on “Age and Wisdom”

  1. This is why 16 year old people are sexually capable of becoming parents – they still have the stamina of children.
    I’m impressed that Klara has music lessons on Saturdays. My kids didn’t get any classes in anything extra until they were old enough to walk themselves to the class!


    1. I have to organize something for her every day because she is very active. On Monday, we went to the playground, yesterday to the Children’s Museum, today it’s the splash pad, Friday is our park day, Saturday is music lesson and a hot balloon festival, Sunday is the art fair. I still have to come up with something for tomorrow.


        1. Her favorite activity right now is to roll in the grass on the front lawn. But I have to roll , too. Or it’s a no go. And it can’t be the backyard. So every day we get on the grass and roll in full view of the neighbors. It’s fun. But I can’t realistically do it for 4 hours straight.

          Obviously, she doesn’t need music lessons at this age. But I need them. I get to sit in the corner and snooze for an hour on a Saturday morning. That’s precious.


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