Faith in Humanity Restored

Students are great, even in crazy places. I love students.

I want to see more pieces on higher ed that are like the linked one. Students and professors going about their work and groups of lazy-ass freaks reveling in their freakishness.


4 thoughts on “Faith in Humanity Restored”

    1. Well, thank you for these heartening news. 🙂

      The irony of women being beaten by people with male physiology and everybody being afraid of saying what it looks like is sad.

      The French thing is bizarre, like everything in France.


    1. Also, it is why it is so entertaining. Weather is most often good so you come out of your building to eat lunch outside and get to see hilarious things — it used to be Alexander Cockburn holding forth, and one semester there was always a man in a polka-dot suit blowing bubbles, and you get to really laugh and release stress that way, or else the person on the soapbox will articulate frustration or give food for thought, or something, and I don’t know, it is just hard not to be amused over there when nothing TOO bad is happening.


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