No Room for Me

And mind you, there were many people who saw that installation, wrote on it, stared at it, congregated around it. Many faculty members. Obviously, it was all organized by faculty members to begin with. And not a single person was bothered by the hammer and sickle. OK, students are young and ignorant. What about professors? What’s their excuse?

There is no side here for me to pick. I despise the buggers who write racist crap and post it on their colleagues’ doors. But for some maddening reason, those who oppose them have so many impotent, vapid, self-congratulating idiots among them that their whole side starts to stink, as well. It’s not just today, of course. It’s always, always, always like that. If I go to a meeting against racism, somebody will start saying crap against immigrants sooner or later. Feminist clubs do nothing but quote Cosmo-level mantras at me. And so on. In the end, there is no joy in it for me, no excitement, just wariness and the thin excuse that their opponents are even worse.


17 thoughts on “No Room for Me”

  1. In short, people are imperfect regardless of political convictions. Especially if we talk about large groups of them. 🙂

    I do see something positive here since sides with minimal amount of idiots can hardly become mainstream.


    1. Writing the n-word on a dorm-mate’s door is a bit worse than being imperfect. I’m vastly imperfect but I’d rather bite my hand off than do something like this. It’s not imperfection I’m denouncing here. It’s a lot bigger than that.


  2. Many faculty members. Obviously, it was all organized by faculty members to begin with. And not a single person was bothered by the hammer and sickle. OK, students are young and ignorant. What about professors? What’s their excuse?

    I have no idea.

    When I was in school, most people in the US did not learn about the Soviet Union I only know what I did because I had to take a European history course in college for a major. There was no visceral “this is what life in this place was like” material in those classes.

    Otherwise, it’s an old joke that history instruction stops at “We won World War II!” My actual knowledge as a child of the Soviet Union came from cartoons, jokes and pop culture.

    As for professors, unless they came from an area or it’s their specialty, in my experience they are vastly ignorant of whole swathes of knowledge. I had to correct professors on very basic things.

    I don’t know what people know now.


    1. I’ve noticed that in the academic circles whenever I mention anything about the Soviet Union, people get these stubborn, resentful facial expressions. They look like teenagers whose parents lecture them on the evils of drinking or smoking. They know all about it but they feel it’s a conspiracy aimed at making them feel bad and preventing them from having fun. On the best of cases, they begin to “yes-but” you to death. In the worst, they just pout sullenly.


  3. This is how dessicated progressive so-called intellectualism is. Think pieces, Cosmo-level “insights”, total self-absorption, and utter lack of thought.

    And the right has eschewed the intellectualism of William F. Buckley for a reality TV star.

    The life of the mind is gone in America.

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    1. “intellectualism of William F. Buckley ”


      “Is the white community in the South, he asked, “entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas in which it does not predominate numerically?” His answer was crystal clear: “The sobering answer is Yes—the White community is so entitled because for the time being, it is the advanced race.

      In a 1961 article in the nationally prominent Saturday Review, Buckley answered the titular question of “Desegregation: Will It Work?” with his first, all-capitalized word: “NO.”

      That this apartheid-supporting racist know-nothing seduced you with his affected accent gives it all away. My god, don’t you fucking dare lament the loss of the ‘life of the mind’. Look into the mirror first.

      I bet you think Dinesh D’Souza is an intellectual too.


      1. Bill Buckey: “Queers with AIDS should be tattooed!”
        Alex The Physicist: “Why, oh why, have we abandoned the wisdom of intellectual giants like Buckley? This is why Trump won.”


  4. I certainly disagreed with Buckley on many things, especially racism, but I would rather that America’s right flank be led by people who know how to read rather than semiliterate tv stars.


    1. Yeah dude, gone are those glory days of actual intellectuals leading your party, like…. Reagan. Oh wait, he was another leaky-brained hollywood celebrity.



  5. My party?

    I haven’t voted for a Republican since March of 2000.

    I despise Reagan. The man couldn’t balance a checkbook.

    The Republicans have gone from being a party that I strongly disagree with but recognize as having some (not all) smart people to being a party so lacking in seriousness that they should be institutionalized.


    1. You’re being nostalgic for a past that never really existed. Politics here (and everywhere else) has always been dirty and petty.

      The fantasy of Learned Men Debating Ideas in the corridors of the Capitol and conceding defeat to the superior intellect/policy is just that, a fantasy.


      1. Nonetheless, it’s still a good point for one to make that William F. Buckley was articulate and essentially well-educated, even if one finds fit to strongly question his ideals and perception of the world around him.
        But being idiomatic is, also, a fault common to everyone.
        And, yes, better to have someone in charge who is literate and more worldly as opposed to an ephemeral “Twitter twit” whose vocabulary and perceptions of reality extend only as far as mindless mantras and one-word capricious outbursts.


        1. I’ll take an uneducated boor with a moral compass over a hyper-educated moral vacuum any day.

          Bill Buckley using fancy learning to lend support to segregation and oppose the civil rights movement may not the best role model for ‘intellectualism’ in politics and every day life.

          I still marvel at how this two-bit hack continues to impress so many people. A human-shaped turd dressed in seersucker.


        2. “articulate”

          The Prime Minister of India is the greatest orator we have ever seen. And he’s a fascist.

          Being articulate is very dangerous if it is in the service of evil.


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