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Age and Freedom

There are definite benefits to age. Aside from the obvious negatives, of course. For instance, being at a more advanced stage of your career, which gives a lot of freedom. 

To give an example, Klara is unwell today. She started throwing up last night, plus she’s been listless and uninterested in food. Obviously, there’s no chance of me taking her to daycare in this state. So I just stayed home with her. I had meetings and obligations at work today, but I cancelled, delegates, moved things around, etc because I’m at a stage in my career where I get to decide how to organize my work. And that’s great. 


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2 thoughts on “Age and Freedom

  1. Here’s hoping Klara gets well soon, though it probably won’t last for long, isn’t she approaching the getting-sick-all-the-time-to-build-up-her-immune-system stage?


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