Any Geniuses?

From FB:

I got 16 but I’m notoriously lousy with numbers. 


18 thoughts on “Any Geniuses?”

    1. In the third equation there are two fries in each place after the +. So those would have to be one each. Also, the last equation has a x, not a +, before the cup. So I think the answer is 60.


        1. I feel like I needed a victory. This week (and weekend) has me feeling like a complete loser, moron. Impostor Syndrome and a weekend full of insanely scheduled minute-to-minute BS has me feeling like shit. This genius thing makes me feel slightly relieved that I can at least still do algebra. 😉


            1. I know it’s good to have stories published. There’s another one coming out sometime soon, too, but I am starting to feel like short stories are not enough. My dream has always been to be a writer, and by that I mean — live off of my writing. The most I’ve ever been paid for a short story is $10 (for that second-person story that you read). I have a couple of novels written that I want to revise and try to get published. Since I’m working on my Shakespeare book, I worry I’ll never get to them. But the truth is, I know I’ll never be a famous Shakespearean (not that there’s money in that!), but I sure wish I could be a famous (money-making) novelist.

              It’s not all about money, obviously. But until/unless I were to make money off of my writing, I’m not sure I’m ever going to feel like I’m truly being validated for the work.


              1. Ack! I should know better than to comment before having coffee. It should say “The most I’ve ever BEEN paid… $10.”


  1. I think it has to be 60.

    If 3 cups = 30, then the cups have to be 10 each.

    If cups are 10, and adding two burgers = 20, then the burgers have to be 5.

    If a burger is 5, and you add 4 fries to equal 9, then fries have to be 1 each.

    So 5+1 x 10=60.

    I nearly missed the “multiply” sign before the cup on the last one, but caught it just as I was double checking what I’d written.


  2. The convention is that multiplication takes precedence over addition, so I think the answer is 5 + (1 x 10) = 15.
    (NB I totally missed that there were 4 packs of fries until I read the comments above.)


    1. As I was lying down to go to bed I realized I screwed up the order of operations, but was too lazy to get up and fix it. But yes it should be 15.


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