No Papa

We visited Klara’s best friend Chloe on Friday. Chloe’s Dad was doing yard work outside. When he came into the house, Chloe exclaimed, “Papa!” Klara lit up with joy and turned around to see papa. When she realized it wasn’t papa but some other man, Klara grew very anxious.

“No papa, mommy! Zis is no papa! No, mommy, no papa?” she kept saying, desperate for me to confirm that I wasn’t planning to pass this uninteresting man off as her papa. 

“Papa is at home,” I said. “Do you want to go home and see papa?”

Usually, I have to drag her away from her best friend, but this time Klara was eager to leave the place where people were confused about who papa actually is. 

“Yes! Home papa! Driving home car! Papa!” she declared and started dragging me towards the car. 


One thought on “No Papa”

  1. I love this moment of discovering that names and identities are not unique. I witnessed this hilarious scene:

    Extroverted, smiling toddler, to man gardening next door he has been talking to for a few minutes: What your name?
    Man: My name is David.
    Toddler, crying, screaming: No! No! MY name David! I David! I! I!


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