Ukrainians un Scandinavian Countries

I have many weird little hobbies, and one of them is to read blogs and FB pages of Ukrainians who recently moved to Scandinavian countries. It’s really funny because they always start out thinking they are moving to this really great place. And then there is always a gradual realization that they hate it there. You have to work a lot more to be able to afford a lot less than back in Ukraine. Everything is super expensive. Everything in the area of service is downright unaffordable yet of ridiculously poor quality. The possibility of professional growth is non-existent because nobody cares about your hard work and talent. It’s all about seniority. Life is regimented in the extreme. There is no space for standing out, deciding for yourself, etc. 

These blogs are like Bildungsromane in miniature. People have this whole awakening within a couple of years. It’s fascinating.


7 thoughts on “Ukrainians un Scandinavian Countries”

  1. Quite a few Trump fans were angered when they went to watch the official video for “Rocket Man” and saw it was made by a refugee.

    Elton John and Bernie Taupin made it their personal choice.


      1. “Rocket Man” was the title of a hit song by Elton John back in the 1970s, and it was the insult term that Trump called Kim Jong-un during his U.N. speech.


          1. “What does it have to do with refugees?”

            Nothing. I THINK that Nelson is making a joke that Trump fans (who are presumably bigots and don’t like refuges) are upset because Trump used a term (“Rocket Man”) that happens to be the name of a 1970s music video that was apparently produced by a refugee. (You’re right — it’s quite convoluted.)


  2. I feel that way about Scandinavia. I haven’t experienced Iceland or the Faroes, though, and I am curious about Norway. DK and Sweden, though, they have interest but you’ve got to get with some deeply cultured people to find this


  3. I remember some years ago I was speaking with a Pole who’d returned to Poland after many years in Norway.
    One of the reasons he gave for coming back was Norwegians, whom he’d described as being ‘ciężki’ (literally, ‘heavy’ but about a person implies some combination of dour, uncompromising and argumentative). I said I was suprised because I’d always gotten along with them (though I’ve never been in Norway).
    “Oh they’re fine when they’re outside Norway, but at home….? they’re ciężki”


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