Since the dawn of time” I’ve been hepeated and I didn’t even notice. But now my eyes have been opened to this tragic victimization.

Readers, have you ever hepeated or shepeated me? Used any of the ideas you found here? If so, please keep doing it. Hesheitthey-peating makes me happy. I’m a freak of nature. 


10 thoughts on “Hepeated”

      1. If I share your prediction without proper attribution I could be called into the Hepetition Coordinator’s Office for punishment.


  1. I must say I am not too amused, as I am a frequent recipient of hepeating. I say something in a meeting, it gets completely ignored, and then moments later a dude says the exact same thing, and all of a sudden everyone heralds it as the best idea ever and keeps referring to what he said. Hepeating is the most common reason for me to periodically stop attending faculty meetings. I know it won’t be better elsewhere, but it sure is demoralizing.

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    1. I’ve seen it happen, too. Not because the woman didn’t articulate her thoughts well enough, but simply because in that particular environment the opinion of a man was more respected.
      It doesn’t happen exclusively to women, other factors can come into play in different places. The problem is, the people who belong to the group(s) with more prestige are the one who are given more consideration, even if they aren’t actually the ones with more interesting things to say.
      That said, the term “hepeated” is silly and can only attract mockery.


    2. Your achievement is your CV, and I’m sure it’s spectacular. That’s what really matters. And faculty meetings are just a waste of time. I use them to plan my research schedule.


      1. And while we’re discussing the Oppression Olympics: Why do hurricanes have to be given alternate female and male names, if the National Weather Service isn’t going to stop being sexist, and honestly label the alternate big storms HURRicans and HIMicans??


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