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Tax Reform

The complete moral bankruptcy of the Republican party predates Trump by a long, long period of time. It has not been capable of offering anything but tax cuts for the very rich for decades. Trump is a reaction to this moral bankruptcy. 

But you know what the problem is? History shows that a reaction to moral bankruptcy is never anything more elevated. It’s always about plunging into even deeper abysses of depravity. 


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7 thoughts on “Tax Reform

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    Completely normal.


  2. Stringer Bell on said:

    To punish the democratic mayor of Houston, republicans in Texas refuse to send money to rebuild after hurricane Harvey.

    “Later, a new agreement with FEMA caused Turner to reduce the amount he was asking for to $50 to $60 million. For the state, that’s chump change — the rainy day fund alone has more than $10 billion. Though state leaders have signalled a willingness to spend some of the rainy day fund on disaster relief, no one’s rushing to appear overly generous. When Turner’s hand was forced and the tax bump was proposed, state officials had two options: Reassure Houstonians about the forthcoming availability of state money, or let Turner, the Democratic mayor of a city Republicans are increasingly struggling to contest, twist in the wind.

    You know which one they chose.”


  3. DWeird on said:

    That literally can’t be right, unless you’re saying that all of human history has been an infinite descent into ever greater moral depravity.

    Which’d be a new take, for you.


  4. If government services were valuable and the market wanted them, would they be provided on a compulsory basis?
    If I did business in the same manner as government does, and forced people to give me money, would you consider me a criminal?
    If government were by consent, would taxes be compulsory?


    • Sweetie, you should go to kids’ social media. This is too complex for you right now. “The market” is not a sentient being. It can’t “want” anything.

      No scoot along over to YouTube. I heard there are some cute new nursery rhyme videos.


  5. Stringer Bell on said:


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