I Smell Shit

Believe me, folks, I hate being an obsessive, one-issue person. And I never participate in the reductive “administration is evil by default” rhetoric. I loved both the Chancellor and the Provost who worked here when I was first hired. The Chancellor was a bit too in love with promoting athletics and doing marketing for my liking. But he honestly tried to do right by the faculty, and he was largely successful. The Provost was a very professional, inspiring person.

Right now, I’m very pleased with our Dean and several (if not all) people in his office. I’m Eastern European, so I respond well to hierarchical structures and authority. I have a military mentality and like clearly outlined ranks of authority. I like both giving and following orders. 

But for those very reasons, I detest it when people overstep their mandate and try to exercise power they aren’t entitled to. I get very very angry when somebody begins to act like a petty tyrant because guess what? I’m Eastern European. I can smell this kind of rank shit from a hundred miles away.


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