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Democracy Cracks

I can’t believe Spain’s democracy is collapsing again. I was so sure this time it would stick. Everybody was sure. But soon after the doubts appeared as to whether it had been done right back in 1978, the whole thing began to crumble. Last year, there was a whole stretch of time, almost 10 months, when no government could be elected. And now this whole sorry debacle with Catalonia. 

One can blame Catalonians, one can blame the PP government, one can easily blame them all. But the larger reason is that it’s simply a young, weak democracy that’s collapsing under the pressure that all democracies are feeling right now.


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10 thoughts on “Democracy Cracks

  1. Argh! Don’t get me started with this! The only thing that saves Spain (for now) is being part of the EU. I just hope the government wouldn`t rely on it so strongly…there is a Constitution and law they can enforce. Why are they so scared of doing it?


    • “there is a Constitution and law they can enforce”

      This is not emphasized nearly enough. Catalonia approved a constitution under whose terms this misbegotten ‘referendum’ is completely illegal.

      What’s just as important as ‘democracy’ the rule of law which means you follow it even when it’s not super convenient, but a bunch of Catalan infants find it a little inconvenient and are having tantrums.


  2. Rajoy should ask Jean Chrétien, former Prime Sinister of Cacanada, about how to dismantle an independentist movement.


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