Like Me

Turns out Klara detests fruit that has been cut into pieces and prefers to hold a whole strawberry or a whole pear, even if it’s clear she’ll never finish it. Just like me! I also only eat whole fruit and vegetables and hate it when people take a perfectly good tomato and quarter it, making it uneatable.

At least, there’s something Klara has in common with me. She looks so identical to N that people laugh when they see them together and go, “Hey, I guess you won’t need a paternity test.” And with me it’s always, “Oh, so she’s yours? Is this your mommy, little girl?” And Klara, who unlike me has a great sense of humor, responds with a sly look, “No! Monkey mama!” And demonstrates her blue plastic monkey toy for people to admire the real mama. 


20 thoughts on “Like Me”

  1. I cut it smaller than that and eat watermelon with a spoon, also. Cutting a ten kilo watermelon only in half makes an awfully big serving. Sorry for the earlier misspelling.


      1. It must be a regional custom. When I was a child in Northeast Tennessee, everyone I knew put salt on watermelon and also on grapefruit.


  2. Halfmoon watermelon is the only way to go, if only for the glee of making a mess of yourself in a way that doesn’t make you shunned by society.

    I also don’t quite get biting into a whole tomato – bastards are pretty explosive, and they go better with just a little bit of salt and pepper on the juicy bits anyway.

    Otherwise, yes, I’m in agreement with Klara here. Any fist-sized fruit is meant to go in your fist, not chopped to bits on a plate.


        1. I don’t care for honeydew at all. It is difficult for me to believe that some people waste good soil growing honeydew when they could have a wonderful crop of canteloupe or watermelon. (Yes, I know ‘grow’ is an intransitive verb, but once again, common usage is undermining the beauty of English.)


            1. ‘Dislike’ is too strong a word. Honeydew just seems rather tasteless to me, compared to canteloupe. Maybe too bland is a better way to express it.


            2. ‘Dislike’ is too strong a word. Honeydew just seems rather tasteless to me, compared to canteloupe. Maybe ‘too bland’ is a better way to express it.


  3. Sorry. WordPress said I had already posted that, but it was not visible. Now it is there twice,with a minor edit.


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