Still on the Election

What I liked about Bernie Sanders was that he never claimed the victim status. He was the only one among the leading candidates who resisted the temptation. We didn’t hear how he was a victim of antisemitism, ageism, foreign powers, powerless foreigners, or prejudice against balding men. 

In the meantime, Trump pouted like he was competing for the position of the campus leader of “We Are Oppressed by Life” student organization. And Hillary made herself look ridiculous claiming she was a victim of sexism when sexism was the reason she had become the establishment candidate. I still supported her over Bernie, as everybody here knows, but she reminds me of union-busting factory owners who claim to be Marxist.

In the end, we had to choose between two very wealthy people who competed for victim status. 

8 thoughts on “Still on the Election”

  1. Ehh…they all claimed victim status. Or had surrogates who claimed victim status on their behalf.

    And if you’re going to go on about “wealthy people” well, frankly all of these people were much wealthier than the average American so we were all choosing between tiers of wealthy people. If you want to argue about the degree of claiming victim status and wealth, the whiniest richest person won, the second whiniest richest person lost the election and the third richest whiny person lost the primary.

    Bernie, if you believe Politifact, was the most honest politician in that race. He was definitely the most idealistic.

    Unfortunately, we know people didn’t respond to honesty, because the whiniest richest most mendacious liar is now POTUS.

    Yes, I know you are still mortally disappointed in the results of this election.


    1. “because the whiniest richest most mendacious liar is now POTUS.”

      And part of that is because black voters, on the whole, either plain didn’t like (Bernie) or weren’t enthusiastic (Hillary) about the Democratic candidates.

      Chris Arnade(sp?) reported that while black voters still love Bill Clinton they couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for Hilllary. For reporting that, he was viciously attacked by the mainstream left.

      If the democrats want to win, they need to find candidates who convince people, non-political normal people, to actually show up and vote. It’s that or Trump’s second term.


      1. There are many young people here who didn’t vote at all and despised all candidates. I gently try to find out what put them off. They seem to have a very negative reaction to victimhood discourse. They are young, enthusiastic, energetic. They don’t want to bemoan grievances.

        I know my students and I understand extremely well why what Hillary was doing was so alien to them.


        1. I used to respond better to victimhood discourse, but over the years it puts me off more and more. I’m still probably not at your students’ level, but after working in a restaurant with poor immigrants who work 60 hours a week, I have zero sympathy for people facing microaggressions at college. If that’s your biggest problem, be thankful.

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    2. I still want to believe that Bernie didn’t personally claim to be a victim of a conspiracy within the party and that it was done against his will.

      Maybe I’m too naive.


  2. Not claiming victim status? He whined about how the DNC wasn’t being fair, then after DWS had already resigned he still couldn’t get over it and he urged his supporters to support her primary challenger, a very stupid man named Tim Canova. I think you often look at Bernie through rose colored glasses (admittedly, I have a bias going the other way.)


      1. He got very whiny in general in the last months of his campaign. Calling the primary a “rigged system,” complaining about superdelegates, etc. His response to the Nevada Caucus idiocy and death threats was probably the nadir. I think that’s when I stopped liking him.


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