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The kind of people I always envied are the ones like the characters in a novel I’m reading who go on a drive to a neighboring country (in our context, it would be another state) to look for a French translation of a book to compare it to the English and Spanish translations they already have. I have the desire and the resources but I never had this kind of mobility, not once. 


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9 thoughts on “Envy

  1. I’m not sure I understand the difference between resources and mobility here.


    • I have the money to go where I want but I have to pick up Klara from daycare by 4 pm every day. And before I had her, there were always obligations that kept me in place. It would require so much planning and strategizing to go anywhere for a few days that it’s easier not to.


  2. paranoid on said:

    You’ve spent afternoons alone in St. Louis. What would stop you from going to different bookstores and libraries there?


  3. DWeird on said:

    This suddenly sounds very familiar and very american to me. You wanted a period in your life where you could suspend your problems for a moment and they’d stay there, without growing, until you got back? Is that the appeal of a going on a drive?

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