Reading Peeves

I prefer to read Spanish-language books on history and history of literature because there are none of the triumphalist, self-aggrandizing and moralistic pseudo-revelations about how the “evil West despoiled the rest” that comprise up to 80% of the English-language books of this kind. Of course, the manuals in question have to be published in Spanish-speaking countries. The moment an author moves here, s\he begins to parrot these boring narratives in the most subservient ways ever because nothing else pays.  

By God, I’ve been reading a new textbook on the early Middle Ages, and it’s all written in the Melissa-McEwanish jargon of the 21st-century American narcissism. It’s ridiculous that a person who is simply trying to learn about the 7th century should be subjected to page after page of these inane and idiotic proclamations about the decided inferiority of the Western culture to a vague everything else.

And it’s not just one book. These demonstrations of narcissistic woundedness are everywhere. 


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