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ACA Developments

The worst part is that Trump is 100% right when he says that ACA was a gift from the US taxpayers to insurance companies. Not that he’s going to repair the situation and give anything better to the taxpayers. But it’s undeniable that ACA was definitely all that. Yes, it made life better for many people, and that’s good. But it was deeply flawed, and we all know what the flaw was. 


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6 thoughts on “ACA Developments

  1. Here’s the issue. For a two-parent, one child family, health insurance without some form of subsidy (at least in NJ) is between $1,700 and $2,400 per month. For a single 60-year old, it’s 900 per month. Without some form of abatement, you’re basically telling people to “go die.” And, in fact, life expectancy in the US is correlated with wealth. There’s a Native American reservation in South Dakota with an average life expectancy of 59.

    The political process in the US is always about trade-offs and compromises, so the “perfect bill” never exists. That’s about as valuable a concept as the word “should.”

    I’ll take flaws over death.


  2. Trump’s complaint isn’t about funding insurers. It’s about the small supplemental tax he was paying as a wealthy individual to support the law. Personally, I think that’s want motivated him to run.


  3. Stringer Bell on said:

    If only ACA was known as BidenCare, none of this would be happening.


    • You can’t honestly believe that. The healthcare bill Hillary somehow participated in when she was First Lady is still a major target of hatred on the right. And it’s been what, 30 years?


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