Let’s Resist!

Hey, I got an idea. Let’s start a real resistance movement. Not some inane marching for women’s rights alongside Harvey Weinstein and stuff of that nature but real resistance. I propose that we resist Trump’s attempts to colonize our minds. 

Let’s pledge to sit out two thirds of his scandals. That means only learning about and / or reacting to one in three. The remaining two, the moment they begin, turn off, plug out, scroll down, read a book or take a nap instead. Alternatively, you can do two weeks of no Trump drama and then a week back on the dope. 

Of course, some are so hooked, they’d have to go cold-turkey. 

People have been saying Trump is a narcissist. Believe me as somebody who was tortured by a pathological narcissist, the only way to avoid being hurt is withdraw the attention the second a narcissistic meltdown begins. You can actually end up being almost kind of safe around a malignant narcissist but only if you remember to quit the game the second it begins. 

9 thoughts on “Let’s Resist!”

  1. Even better: Develop extremely boring talking points about Trump when people try to engage you.

    “Actually, Trump’s plan to drain the Panama Canal was first suggested by the well-known Think Tank, the Whimplefinger And Throckmorton Trust” who theorized that it might stabilize percipatation rates in the Central American mid-macro region and harmonize rain retention rates in the soil”

    “Trump’s new tax plan raises any number of interesting questions about local millage rates” (nothing in the world clears out a room faster than talk of millage rates).

    The key to defeating Trump is to make him dull and boring and not an infuriating symbol of everything wrong with the world.

    “I’ve notice the most interesting thing about his preposition usage!”

    Of course in the present outrage is fun! climate that’s a tough job, but it’s doable if people really want to beat him. I suspect everyone is having far too much of a good time though.

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    1. In a romance novel, the characters who hate each other the most at the beginning turn out to be madly in love by the end. This is a tasteless, ridiculous Harlequin romance we are witnessing.

      I know the theory. Politics of the spectacle, etc. But seeing it in real time is still disturbing.


  2. Let’s pledge to sit out two thirds of his scandals.
    This is a movement? I thought it was mental exhaustion.

    Here enjoy a song about a type of potato dish:


  3. Let’s pledge to sit out two thirds of his scandals.
    That’s easy, start reading news in some other language than English and likely they won’t even be reported.


  4. What’s a trump? Is it the sound a trumpet makes?

    I’m not politically engaged enough for this to be any challenge to me. Your blog honestly is the only way I find about any of the scandals at all, like third-hand smoke.

    You’re asking for general indifference here, no? Would you be happy if that was in fact what you got?


  5. Ever since seeing one of CBS News’s internal memos salavating over how great their ratings would be under a Trump presidency, I’ve taking to getting most of my news online, from the BBC or smaller news outlets, it cuts down on a lot of the drama


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