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What It Looks Like

I know it’s cruel to keep talking about the monkeys and never provide an image. So by huge popular demand, here is Klara’s favorite toy in the world. 


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7 thoughts on “What It Looks Like

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but the picture doesn’t appear for me.


  2. Dreidel on said:

    Nope, no picture…


  3. Alex the Physicist on said:

    You know, a nice blogger wouldn’t just show a picture of the toy, she’d also show a picture of the kid playing with the toy, so we could get a cuteness overdose. Just saying.



  4. I could totally see getting into that toy as a small child. I would probably dangle it by the tail from my finger and see how fast I could spin it around (probably breaking things left and right as it flies off in different directions).


  5. Dreidel on said:

    Get moving, lady. We’re still wait for the adorable Klara pix, with or without the monkey. Here’s her alert, defensive ninja pose from last year:


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