Shame on Boise State!

It’s so sad that the hounding of professors for doing their job and trying out theories, arguing positions and generating ideas is now an almost weekly occurrence. I just wrote about a similar case a couple of days ago, and here is a new round of this insanity

The story at the link is so Kafkian that I kept googling because I couldn’t fully believe it. This story and Ciccariello-Maher’s at Drexler could have easily taken place back in the USSR in 1951. What a shame. What a disgrace. You, Americans, have got everything. Yet you behave like victims of Stalinism who did this kind of shit to save their lives. They were terrified. What’s your excuse?


One thought on “Shame on Boise State!”

  1. Very weirdly it seems also to be because of being terrified, except in this case without that kind of immediate reason. I am trying to understand it; have not yet figured it out but did have an insight some 20 years ago about how this was actually a culture of deference, intrigue and terror.


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