Entertainment Politics

Just saw this Frederica Wilson person on TV for the first time. 


I think the best thing for everybody is to forget this whole story as soon as possible.


6 thoughts on “Entertainment Politics”

  1. Hey, jealous of all those “stylish” cowboy hats?

    No need to be — with your sexy red hair, you don’t need any head covering, anyway. (And neither does Klara!)

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  2. I have no idea what the political issues is or what her politics are, but…. I love her personal style. Cowboy hats for the win!

    She also fits in with the new zeitgeist of politics as Professional Wrestling (she looks more like a heel manager than a wreslter herself).

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  3. I, myself, am still old enough to remember when politicians (and others in positions of authority) were straight-laced and fuddy-duddy.
    Real down-to-earth and plain-spoken. More stoic and “adult-like”.


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