P.S. to the Wall

I forgot to add that what I discussed in the previous post is a response to Trump’s tightening of the H1B reqs. Universities don’t want to risk hiring somebody only to find out, in the middle of the academic year, that their paperwork didn’t come through. Before, college professors’ H1Bs were expedited, so you had the paperwork before starting work. So I’m not blaming these schools in any way. 

Also, I need to add that as somebody who had a close personal experience with H1B, I don’t in the least mind people who think that in difficult times you protect your own and that these jobs should be for citizens first. What I do mind are the idiots who claim that such measures exist to help the H1B applicants themselves because having the H1B would somehow lead to their exploitation. No, it won’t help these folks to be deported against their will. It will help those who will face fewer competitors on the job market. 

I prefer honest protectionism to mealy-mouthed, insincere “I’m doing it for your good, you dummy” pronouncements. No, these measures don’t help immigrants. They help locals. And that’s ok as long as everybody is honest about it. I hate, hate, hate the people who want to use Trump to clear the field of competition while faking outrage over Trump’s position.

I also detest folks who are outraged by the border wall yet are all in favor of dramatically reducing the H1B. Their hypocrisy is extremely off-putting.


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