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University Trumpism 

Our university’s president has announced that we need to absorb a for-profit or online college into our university system. 

We are truly blessed. 


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5 thoughts on “University Trumpism 

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    Can you feel the FREEDOM??

    The University of Notre Dame just became one of the first employers to take advantage of new Trump administration rules allowing exemptions to the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. Last week, the university announced that it would drop birth control coverage for its students, faculty, and staff.


  2. Good God! When I was interviewing for jobs, they made me an offer; good thing I didn’t end up going there.


  3. Just think: Then it can start sponsoring late-night talk radio with one-minute spots touting its benevolent online courses for those “too busy to attend regular classes during the day” who “still want to earn the same degree as” a regular college student.


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