No Ifs

“What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn’t matter?” asks a journalist at Vox. This naive creature is still using an “if” here. The whole problem here is that it doesn’t matter in the least except to a tiny minority. People who think it does matter need to get out of their tiny little bubble and talk to somebody outside of it. This will be truly eye-opening. 


3 thoughts on “No Ifs”

  1. Pelosi and Schumer are saying “let’s talk about economics, not impeachment.” Wish that message would trickle down to the Russia obsessed people.


  2. ://
    It should matter but it doesn’t. And practically, nothing will come of it unless the Democrats control both chambers of Congress because Republicans will never vote to impeach and convict the man. And then what? Pence? Ryan? The members of the cabinet? It’s badness all the way down.

    Economics, scmeconomics. The only thing I want to hear is “this is going to improve your personal economic situation drastically for years to come and soon — like within two years.” Otherwise, I don’t care. Shortsighted? Yes.


  3. This is like saying Watergate wasn’t a big deal because the dems would’ve lost that election anyway.

    There are two things:

    a) The actual impact the Russians had on the elections. We both agree it wasn’t much.

    b) Reaching out to a foreign government to gain material advantage over your political opponent. Charitably, this is exhibit #45339658 of the republican party’s contempt for the rule of law and democracy. Uncharitably, it is illegal, no matter if the actual advantage gained was minimal (again, this is like failing to rob a bank and then saying look I didn’t get any $$, no harm no foul).

    Democrats (Clintonites) have to stop using (a) as an excuse for losing. As for (b) let Mueller’s investigation run its course, and only raise hell if Trump tries to meddle in it by firing him or something. And keep their message on the economy, healthcare, taxes, etc.

    If Mueller’s investigation does turn up the goods, why not use it against the republicans politically? One can walk and chew gum at the same time.


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