Pakora and Khalwa

The Indian restaurant is a godsend not just during pregnancy but also now that Klara is a toddler. I haven’t been able to get her to eat fish because I couldn’t figure out a format that would make it acceptable to her. But today she discovered fish pakora and ate a ton. 

Another thing I can’t get her to eat is carrots. And that’s a pity because I’m obsessed with carrots. But she accepted the Indian carrot khalwa which is nothing like what we know as khalwa back in my country and that I’d never give to a kid. 

It’s hilarious to see her eat pretty spicy things and like them. 

4 thoughts on “Pakora and Khalwa”

    1. Most recipes look something like this. It has a soft, porridge-like consistency, so make sure it’s cooked long enough that the carrots have completely broken down. Also, make sure that all the milk has evaporated.

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