The Dominican Fur Coat

One of the things I bought at the Dominican supermarket is called “Russian salad.” I buy these Russian salads everywhere I go because I’m curious how other cultures see Russianness. 

The salad turned out to be a light version of what we call “herring in a fur coat” or simply “the fur coat.” It was quite good although they should have cooked the beets for at least another hour. When I make this fur coat, you crawl away from the table because it’s so hard-core. And the Dominican version is what the fur coat is when you are extremely health conscious.

25 thoughts on “The Dominican Fur Coat”

      1. I’m worried people are still going to vote for this pedophile with an (R) after his name into a US Senate seat over Doug Jones who persecuted KKK members who orchestrated a church bombing.


        1. Hey, pedophilia is not something people in this country embrace. Kevin Spacey went down like a sack of rotting cabbage, and he’s a movie star with even a bit of talent.


          1. “With less than a month until Alabama’s special election for U.S. Senate, political experts say national Democrats are deploying a unique strategy to support their nominee, Doug Jones: They are staying away.”

            Well, what are you going to do with these losers.


          2. Let’s hope you’re right. I hate to be so cynical.

            Alabama doesn’t permit early voting. It may depress Republican turnout. As for people getting to the polls to vote for a Democrat?
            Voter suppression may be in effect because…Alabama. The previous governor’s mistress tried to close down DMVs in primarily black counties because 1) black voters tend to vote for Democrats, 2) voters need ID to vote in Alabama and the 3)most common ID used is the driver’s license. Alabama is a REAL ID compliant state which means you have to have proof of citizenship, your social security card and two pieces of specified mail from your address. You can’t do this online, you need to actually go to the DMV.


            1. One has got to be a dickhead of massive proportions to vote for this crazy loon even without the pedophilia. He’s completely nutso. But now – it’s just evil to support him.


              1. Like

              1. Man, as a liberal, the only safe space I would demand is one free of overplayed dad-jokes. They should play tapes of conservatives being funny at those CIA black sites.


              2. Ah, Cliff, you have to understand the nature of some (okay, one) of your antagonistic bloggers here on Clarissa’s website. He appears to be quite jealous — not of your pronouns — but of your new avatar.

                He knows that, unlike you, he’d be laughed off this comments page if he ever presumed to post a horse’s face as his representative image.


          1. “You so like messing with me, eh?”

            Hillary has recently hinted (on television with Bill Maher) that she might consider running again.

            Of course if she does, she’ll have to compete in the primary with her fellow geriatrics Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, along with all the minority candidates that the new far-left Democratic Party will want in the race!

            And yes, I enjoy messing with you! 🙂


  1. Salt of the earth, Real Americans (TM). Tell me again why, come election time, both parties pander to these savages.


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