Caesar Salad

Why is Ceasar salad still on menus? Does anybody order it still? It seems so year 2002. Which, I believe, was the last time I had it. 

Food fashions are even funnier than clothes trends. 

9 thoughts on “Caesar Salad”

  1. It was first named as a thing in 1924, apparently by a bar owner in Tijuana to keep his American customers quiet, so I guess it has a way to go. I never have it, if I’m eat out my favourite is salade Nicoise – hard boiled egg, green beans, olives and anchovies ..yum!


  2. I like a caesar salad every now and again, but they are really only good if the dressing has been made fresh and all of the ingredients are top quality. There also needs to be plenty of lemon juice in the dressing, it’s just to heavy and boring without a solid acid note from the lemon. I feel like caesar salad is one of those things that is really good when it’s done right, but it is frequently done wrong.

    If I order a salad in a restaurant, I usually go for a Cobb Salad.


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