Is Anybody Looking for an Answer?

Somebody needs to do something to stop this horror that is devouring Mexico. OK, maybe the wall won’t work. It probably won’t. But what’s the alternative that is being proposed? To pretend it’s not happening and hope the voters won’t notice what it does to them as they listen to the vapid chatter about Russians and the rest of it?

6 thoughts on “Is Anybody Looking for an Answer?”

  1. I never knew heroin was part of the reason people supported the wall during the election, but I figured it out a few months offset when I saw some facebook comments to that effect. The thirst for the wall made more sense to me after that.


      1. “That there might be support for the wall in Mexico is not mentioned at all.”

        Who cares what losers in Mexico think when there are points to win by “calling out” people for racism/sexism (etc etc etc).


  2. Building a wall is easier than addressing the demand side of the problem.

    Building a wall is more appealing than addressing the demand side of the problem.

    Building a wall is more appealing than addressing pharmaceutical companies and doctors that hand out opoids like tic tacs.

    I remember watching a 60 Minutes special with all these crying Ohio parents talking about their kids overdosing. They did their utmost to portray them as normal parents, but I couldn’t help but think they were hiding some pathologies in how they raised their kids. I went to high school with people who experimented with drugs and nobody became a full blown addict because of “their friends.” You don’t seek to become blotto at every opportunity just because of peer pressure.

    They obviously had resources as none of these kids spent a day in jail and some of them went to rehab multiple times.

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    1. The demand side will take decades to address in a way that will bring clear results. Who can afford to wait until this happens?

      I don’t believe the wall will work. But what’s maddening is that “our side” is not even trying to offer an alternative. Instead, they are pretending the problem doesn’t exist at all. There are people who have denied to my face that heroin comes from Mexico. It’s insane.


      1. The question, though, is how. So much of the economy is bound up in the drug trade, and the DEA / the so-called drug war has not helped. There must at least be white papers and policy suggestions on this, though — a great deal has been written.


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