Thanksgiving Eve Encyclopedia

They are real, they are real! I’m not the only person who is seeing them! Seriously, I thought I was losing it when I met a group of them in a quiet suburban street. 

Why don’t people ever ask themselves if these lists of “traditional” behaviors that torture them exist nowhere but in their heads. 

Transgender in the Spain of Philip II. In Spanish but fascinating. Especially meaningful as a read on Transgender Remembrance Day. 

long but fascinating read on civilization collapse and falsification of history.

 Slave auctions in Libya. Unspeakably tragic. 

In Russian. A way too optimistic yet valuable article by a leading Russian political scientist.


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve Encyclopedia”

  1. Wild turkeys are real and they were there first – Happy Thanksgiving!

    Seriously, I’m glad you have them. For all the hunting culture in both countries, the USA has more diverse wild fauna than the UK does. The nearest thing we have to wild turkeys are capercaillie, a kind of giant grouse; they’re so rare nobody’s allowed to hunt them any more. Celebrate your wild turkeys, don’t just eat them.


    1. Great post. You are absolutely right. These dynamics can be seen everywhere today. The future belongs to those Democrats who aren’t afraid of noticing what is going on and talking about it.


      1. This woman actually ended up losing by a decent amount, so the future doesn’t belong to all of them 😂😂 I didn’t like her much though, so good riddance. This mayoral election helped me understand how a lot of people felt in 2016. There were no good choices.


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